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Australia Scaffold has a big range of Edge & Roof Protection height safety products for sale. We sell items such as L-Bends, handrail posts, couplers, brackets, guard rails and much more. All our height safety products are engineered and tested to ensure the highest quality standards are adhered to. We can supply all your Edge Protection needs for commercial or residential projects and we deliver Australia Wide. Designed to meet and exceed AS/NZS 4994.1:2009 the Australian / New Zealand conformity standard for temporary edge protection systems. All edge protection fixing components have been robustly designed with speed and simplicity in mind.

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    Concrete slab edge protection range consists primarily of the standard safety post, guard rail and concrete mount locating into various fixing components to accommodate concrete slab applications such as surface mounted, slab side edge fixing options. Non-drilling clamping arrangements also available that avoid anchor fixings. 

    Concrete Slab Edge Protection 100M includes:

    • Concrete mount x 32
    • Sliding L bracket x 32
    • Handrail post x 32
    • Guardrail 4m x 84
    • Guardrail swivel coupler x 18
    • Guardrail double coupler x 18
    • Guardrail ladder access rail x 3

    Edge Protection Licensing

    Guardrail systems may be an effective way to manage some of the risks of working at heights.

    The effectiveness of a guardrail system depends on:

    • appropriate design
    • manufacture in accordance with the designer’s specifications
    • test and examination after manufacture
    • instructions supporting use and maintenance of the system
    • correct installation by a competent person
    • appropriate use.

    Designers, manufacturers, suppliers and installers all have obligations for the guardrail system that is supplied. Users of the system, including the principal contractor, employers, self-employed persons and workers also have obligations for how it is used and maintained.

    An installer of a guardrail system has obligations to:

    • install the system in a way that is safe and without risk to health; and
    • ensure that nothing about the way the system was installed makes it unsafe and a risk to health when used properly.

    To meet these obligations, the installer of the system should:

    • ensure they have the appropriate competencies (through training, qualification and/or experience) to install the system;
    • follow the manufacturer’s and/or supplier’s instructions;
    • provide written verification about the system at handover to the person being supplied the system; and
    • ensure the Work Method Statement is completed where applicable and given to the principal contractor before installation work commences.

    Handover information should include written verification that:

    1. the guardrail system and supporting structure are structurally adequate (eg. verification by a suitably qualified engineer); and
    2. the guardrail system has been installed in accordance with the supplier’s instructions.

    Examples of handover information that should be used are:

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    Under rafter bracket roof guardrail 100m system range consists of the under rafter bracket, L bend, guardrail post and guardrail. The under rafter brackets easily attaches and tightens onto an exposed rafter. The system is ideal for an exposed rafter. Generally, this would be for a new build before soffit sheets are installed. Under Rafter Bracket is designed to attach to the exposed rafter. Maximum opening height is 170 and closes down to 36mm. It will accommodate rafter up to a maximum width of 45mm. Designed & Engineered in Australia with input from real roofing contractors and edge protection installers. The system is designed with speed, simplicity and importantly multi-use purpose in mind. 


    • Fast installation using a cordless drill & 18mm socket.
    • Hand Rail Post Handle is spring loaded for fast placement of roof rail.
    • Hot dipped galvanized for long lasting protection.
    • Designed and manufactured to comply with AS/NZS 4994:2009.

    Under Rafter Bracket Roof Guardrail System 100M includes:

    • Under rafter bracket x 40
    • Guardrail L bend x 40
    • Handrail post x 40
    • Guardrail 4m x 84
    • Swivel coupler x 18
    • Double coupler x 18
    • Ladder access rail x 3
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