Maxi Scaff Ladder 1.38m

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Free Delivery Australia Wide | Lifetime Guarantee. Butlin Maxi Scaff Ladder 1.38m– Designed, Manufactured & Built for Australian Tradesman. Buy online or call 1300 919 905 to speak to a friendly qualified scaffolder today.


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Maxi Scaff Ladder 1.38m

Free Delivery Australia Wide | Lifetime Guarantee. Butlin Maxi Scaff Ladder 1.38m – Designed, Manufactured & Built for Australian Tradesman. Buy online or call 1300 919 905 to speak to a friendly qualified scaffolder today.

The Butlin Maxi Scaff Ladder 1.38m attaches to the Butlin Maxi Mobile Scaffold and allows a person to move up or down inside the scaffold safely. The ladder includes hooks at the top and a brace at the bottom to ensure the ladder does not move.


  • Used with the Butlins Maxi Scaffold range.


  • Easy to use
  • Fast installation
  • Aluminium Grade T6-6061
  • Designed and manufactured to comply with AS/NZS 1892.1:2018

The Butlin Maxi Scaff Ladder 1.38m meets all Australian safety requirements. Additionally, Australian Scaffolds has the Butlin Maxi Ladder for sale, and you can purchase conveniently and securely online with fast delivery across Australia. Or similarly, visit one of many hardware stores that stock our great range of Butlin Maxi Products including, Access Stairs, Acrow Props, Edge Protection Equipment, Mobile Scaffolds, Aluminium Ladders and Scaffold Trestles.

Above all, with over 20 years of industry experience, in designing, engineering, and building scaffolding, we are always happy to offer no-obligation free advice. So, please give us a call if you need help on 1300919905 and speak to a qualified, friendly scaffolder.

Ladder Risks and Injuries

If the ladder is not in good condition or is used unsafely, falls can occur. Causing fractured limbs, spinal cord damage, severe brain injury or death.

On average, 4.5 Australians, mainly men, die each year after falling from a ladder.  Most men injured or killed after falling from a ladder were at or nearing retirement age and were doing maintenance around the home.

The Australian National Coroners Information System indicates:

  • the average age of people who die in ladder-related accidents is 65 years old
  • 32 per cent  of deaths were in the 70–79 year age group
  • 96 per cent of fatalities were male
  • over 85 per cent of deaths occur in non-occupational activities
  • Thirty-four per cent of these deaths occur during home maintenance activities.

Ladder injury occurs in an older age group than DIY injuries in general — the peak age for DIY injuries is 30–34 years.

Ladder Buying Tips

  • Ensure the ladder is the right height for the job.
  • Check the weight capacity of the ladder.
  • If you are a senior citizen or a person with a disability, you may be eligible for assistance with home maintenance from either your council or local agencies.

Ladder Safe Use

  • Read the safety warnings on the ladder and follow the manufacturer’s advice.
  • Ensure the ladder is in good condition and fitted with non-slip safety feet. Store it in a dry place to prevent warping or corrosion.
  • Place the ladder on dry, firm and level ground that is clear of power lines and exposed electrical wiring, and engage all locks and braces.
  • Secure the top of an extension ladder into position before starting work. The top of the ladder should extend at least one metre over the top of the surface it is resting against.
  • Stay in the centre of the ladder as you climb. Never lean out too far from a ladder. Always work within arm’s reach and be careful when pulling items from shelves, gutters and roofs as this may cause you to lose your balance.
  • Only climb to the second rung from the top of a step ladder or the third rung from the top of an extension ladder.
  • Two people should never climb the ladder at the same time even if their combined weight is below the maximum weight capacity.
  • Never use a ladder if you are alone and cannot get assistance if you have an accident.

Also, please visit the Australian Standards for more scaffold information.

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Weight 4.9 kg
Dimensions 147 × 40 × 11 cm

Scaffold Castor Wheel 125mm

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What is the capacity of the stairs?

Hi Andrew, and thanks for your inquiry. The stairs are rated to 150kgs. Under the description tab, there is a Stairway User Guide for more information. Best Regards, Scott – 05/06/2018

Do you deliver to Darwin?

Hi Robert, yes, we deliver to Darwin. General delivery time is three business days, and freight costs are depending on the product. Some are free, let us what you need. Best Regards Scott – 05/06/2018

Can I install the stairs myself?

Hi George, Yes you can install the stairs yourself as no license is required. They’re very easy to set up. What are you attaching to? Best Regards Scott – 16/07/2018

Who will deliver the trestle?

Hi Suzanne, thank you for your purchase, we really appreciate your business. Toll transport delivers our products in Victoria. You will receive a text message and email notifying you at every stage of shipment. If you need to change any details you can click on the link and let them know what you need. Delivery time is generally 1 to 2 business day. Best Regards Scott- 24/08/2018

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