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Australian Scaffolds has aluminium scaffolding for sale or hire to suit your needs. We offer a broad range of aluminium mobile scaffold that exceeds Australian Safety Standards classifications. All mobile scaffolds are certified to Australian Standards and are WorkCover / WorkSafe approved. You can buy or hire your aluminium mobile scaffold from Australian Scaffold with confidence knowing that our products are guaranteed for life. Purchase the base unit and add extension kits 2, 3 & 4 as required. Give us a ring on 1300 919 905 and speak to a qualified friendly scaffolder for all scaffolding requirements.

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The Butlin Maxi Scaffold Platform Trapdoor 1.90m for use with the Butlins Maxi Scaffold range attaches to the Butlin Maxi Scaffold Folding Frame 1.90m (SCA06.2600.190) it is included in the Butlin Mobile scaffold packages...
The Butlin Maxi Scaffold Folding Frame 1.90m for use with the Butlins Maxi Scaffold range, it is included in the Butlin Mobile 1M scaffold package...
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We have many other sizes. Please call 1300 919 905 and speak to our friendly qualified sales people for an obligation free quotation.

BUTLIN Maxi Scaffold Towers

BUTLIN Maxi Aluminium mobile scaffold towers are an essential tool when working at heights. Light duty and easy to move to multiple work areas when working at heights. Very fast to set up and easy to use with one piece folding frame and working platform.

Scaffolding towers are used in the construction industry in many different ways by a wide range of trades, including air conditioning installers, builders, carpenters, electricians, plasterers, painters, scaffolders and the home handyman. Scaffolding towers provides a temporary and stable above‑ground working platform for workers and their tools and materials, so construction tasks can be carried out comfortably and without the risk of falling.


Trades people on construction site are often required to erect and dismantle restricted height scaffolding to complete some height work tasks. Restricted height means scaffolding with a working platform up to four metres high, which is usually sufficient for working at heights to a single‑storey house. This could be installing fascia, soffits, cleaning and installing gutters, painting walls and ceilings and accessing the roof. This restricted height scaffolding can be set up by anyone – as long as they have been trained to do the job properly and safely; no licence or ticket is required.

Aluminium Scaffold Hazards

Every job on a construction site requires a strong understanding of the rules, Regulations and requirements. Failure to follow these can lead to serious consequences for employers and/or workers. Scaffolding work can present many hazards, not only with erecting and working on the scaffold itself but also from the site or area where the scaffold is located. Before you pick up your first piece of the scaffold, you need to be familiar with:

Australian Standards