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  • Guaranteed for life
  • Adjustable to any height
  • 48.3 x 3.2mm galvanized tube
  • Saves space in the back of your ute
  • Faster set up times—means more money in your pocket
  • Great for tight access—can customize to suit any length
153076295886837328 - Brochure Putlog

A putlog scaffold consists of a single row of standards, parallel to the face of the building and set as far away from it to accommodate a platform of four or five boards wide, with the inner edge of the platform as close to the wall as is practicable.

The standards are connected by a ledger fixed with right angle couplers and the putlogs are fixed to the ledgers using putlog couplers.

The blade end of the putlog tube is normally placed horizontally on the brickwork being built, taking care to use maximum bearing area.

Sole boards or base plates are usually fitted under each standard. The same number of ties applies as for an independent tied scaffold. Reveal ties are not recommended for putlog scaffolds

Loadings & Spacing’s

General Purpose
Maximum Standard Spacing 2.1M
Maximum Loading 2.0kN

Heavy Duty

Maximum Standard Spacing 1.8M
Maximum Loading 2.5kN


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