This Hazard Profile is a tool to assist in the identification of occupational health and safety (OHS) hazards in relation to aluminium mobile scaffolds.

This tool is one of a series of Hazard Profiles developed by the University of New South Wales School of Safety Science and Building Research Centre in support of the Construction Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The MOU was signed in 1998 between the NSW Government and the Chief Executive Officers of the principal contractors and major industry associations in the NSW construction industry.

The signatories to the MOU have worked in partnership to implement measures to improve the construction industry’s OHS and injury management performance.

The Hazard Profiles were developed following interviews with principal contractors and subcontractors, which highlighted the accurate identification of hazards as a significant weakness in the successful management of subcontractor safety.

Hazard Profiles can be used as a guide to help:

  • identify generic hazards and the controls required for a job task;
  • assist in formulating relevant and effective safe work method statements;
  • guide or induct new workers in the typical hazards for a specific trade;
  • check that all general trade specific hazards have been identified in safety documentation required by the principal contractor.

Other products developed under the auspices of the Construction MOU include:

  1. Subby Pack: OHS Contractor Management Tool
  2. CHAIR: Safety in Design Tool
  3. Hazard Profile:
    • Identification Tool for Metal Roofing
    • Identification Tool for Electrical Hazards on-site
    • Identification Tool for Formwork
    • Identification Tool for Bricklaying
    • Identification Tool for Steel Reinforcement Fixing
    • Identification Tool for Concrete Placement
    • Identification Tool for Demolition
  4. Supervisor Manual: OHS Training Tool
  5. Safety Meter: Positive Performance Measurement Tool

Another valuable tool to assist small and medium-sized businesses to systematically manage safety is WorkCover’s Workplace Safety Kit.

More information about each of these products can be obtained by contacting WorkCover NSW on 131050 or


Hazard Profile – Aluminium Mobile Scaffolding

Check-list for Lightweight Aluminium Mobile Scaffolds