Job Activity (Tasks)
What can harm you
What can Happen
Risk rating(1,2,3)Causes which need to be managed
Person who will
ensure this will
General PlanningInadequate training,
consultation, planning
and improvisation.
Task specific injuries due to
inexperience. Inadequate
consultation or failure to
provide appropriate
Sufficient skills to complete the required task .Adequate consultation with relevant employees. Adequate competent supervision .Planning for required correct
equipment carried out.
Australian Scaffold
Planning by
principal contractor
or subcontractor.
Poor access to work
Slips, trips and falls.
Abrasions, strains and
sprains. Manual handling
injuries e.g. back damage.
Access to work area uncluttered. Good housekeeping procedures in place. Adequate access for workers and their equipment.Principal contractor or
Depending on
contract conditions.

  • Insufficient lighting.

  • Lack of adequate

  • Working at height
    near edge.

  • Penetrations.

  • Slips, trips and falls. Walking
    into objects or projections.

  • Illness, breathing difficulties overcome by fumes.

  • Fall from edge.

  • Fall through penetration

  • Good lighting provided in the work place,
    especially stairwells. Access ways suitably defined or lighted.

  • No fuelled equipment operating in
    confined spaces. No fuelled equipment running continuously in the immediate vicinity of the work area

  • Adequate strength in perimeter handrail
    and mid rail in place. No gaps in perimeter protection. Scaffold to be provided. Penetrations to be covered and secured properly.

  • Principal contractor or subcontractor.

  • Principal
    contractor or

  • Principal
    contractor or

Planning by rubbish
chute installer.
Exposure to ultra
violet light.
Skin cancer, sunburn. Protective clothing to be worn, sunscreen 15+, shirt, flap on hard hat to be worn.Australian
Moving chute to
and from work area.
Manual handling. Strains and sprains, injuries
such as back damage.
Use correct lifting techniques for chutes, hoppers and brackets. Do not lift more than 20kgs by yourself. Use chute winch for loads of more than 20 kgs. Australian

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