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What is Edge Protection? Part 1

What is edge protection

What is Roof Edge Protection? Part 1

Roof Edge Protection is an arrangement of brackets, vertical posts and horizontal rails. The system forms a physical barrier, preventing workers from falling from height. Frequently made from Steel, Aluminium or Timber.
Edge protection is used during commercial buildings or residential housing construction.
The No 1 cause of death on Australian construction sites is falling from heights. The most severe and fatal accidents occur at an elevation of under 4m from roofs, ladders and scaffolding.
Physical barriers such as temporary systems are the leading countermeasure for prohibiting accidents when working from heights. Australian Scaffolds have designed various types of brackets to adapt to multiple applications that protect workers with the safety they need.

Types of Edge Protection Brackets:-

• Tile bracket
• Corrugated iron roof bracket
• Fascia bracket
• Gable bracket
• Concrete bracket


Recently, Australian authorities have significantly increased the penalties for employers in breach of height safety regulations, including gaol time. Prosecution Details | Prosecutions Database | Department of Commerce

Selecting a suitable system:-

When choosing whether a particular temporary system is suitable, you should ensure;

  • The system is designed, manufactured and tested per AS/NZS 4994.1
  • The designer/manufacturer/supplier must correctly provide instructions for using the system. These instructions should include safe installation/dismantling, suitable configurations, acceptable roof types, and system limitations.
  • The site can accommodate the safe erection and disassemble of the system, e.g.
    • Is there sufficient space for a mobile elevating work platform?
    • Is there overhead or underground services? Are site ground conditions suitable?
  • The system is suitable with the roof supporting structure. Will it maintain the system’s designed integrity and strength? Consult with competent persons if unsure.
  • Does the system follow the roof’s profile? Will it ensure no gaps which a person could fall through?
  • Can workers achieve safe access and exit from the roof without stepping over or through the guardrail system?
  • Note: Scaffolding may be used as a temporary system – if the scaffold complies with Australian Standard AS/NZS 4994.2 Temporary edge Protection, Part 2: Roof edge protection- Installation and dismantling.

Buy Edge Protection:-

Need to buy Edge Protection for your next construction project? Check out Australian Scaffolds today. Visit Australian Scaffolds, located at 71 Hobart Street, Riverstone, NSW 2765. Give our qualified specialists a ring on 1300 919 905.

What is Edge Protection? Part 2

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