What is Edge Protection? Part 2

What is edge protection

What is Roof Edge Protection? Part 2

Before installation/dismantling

Before the erection or dismantling of the temporary Roof Edge Protection System, make sure:

  • A competent person develops a method for installing and dismantling in consultation with all relevant parties. The method should describe the tasks and work sequence that ensures users are protected from falls. The methodology should also define any exclusions zones and provide a layout plan. Any methodology that requires work above 2m in height should be documented in a site-specific Safe Work Method Statement.
  • Confirm the location and voltage of overhead powerlines before the commencement of work. Maintain safe distances and ensure controls are in place as per the Safeworks Code of Practice for work near overhead powerlines.
  • The necessary instruction, training, and supervision are provided to workers involved in installing and dismantling the edge protection system.

Installation/dismantling of Edge Protection

Only persons with the required knowledge, skills, training, correct equipment the manufacturer’s recommendations, and the developed methodology should install or dismantle the edge protection system.

Temporary edge protection systems should include:

  • Top, mid and bottom rails or toe-boards with gaps not exceeding 450 mm. Check impact loads of toe-boards if used in place of bottom rails.
  • Toeboards or mesh infills that prohibit tools, materials or debris from falling unless exclusion zones exist.
  • Ensure no space between the roof edge and guttering. Position Guardrails 100mm beyond the roofline.
  • A distance of not less than 150mm and not greater than 275mm between the roof cladding.

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