Roof Edge Protection Chester Hill

Project: Roof Edge Protection Chester Hill
Location: Chester Hill, NSW 
Client: Rail Tek
Sector:  Residential 

Embarking on a journey to Chester Hill in Sydney, we uncovered a compelling tale of innovation and collaboration within the construction industry. Meet Darcy Brown, the visionary behind Rail Tek, a Roof Edge Protection hire company that has not only prioritized safety but has also become a valued partner in our mission to redefine edge protection solutions.

Chester Hill, situated 25 kilometres west of downtown Sydney, is a vibrant part of Western Sydney within the City of Canterbury-Bankstown area. The collaboration between Rail Tek and Australian Scaffolds took center stage in a recent project where our cutting-edge Under Rafter System played a pivotal role.

Introducing the Under Rafter System

The Under Rafter System is a revolutionary solution that achieves compliance by clamping to an exposed rafter from the underside of the roof. Functioning like a robust G clamp, this system is engineered for strength and durability, making it an ideal choice whenever a rafter is exposed. It creates a safety rail around the edge of residential and domestic roofs, ensuring the highest standards of safety.

Designed to accommodate roof pitches between 22.5 and 30 degrees, the Under Rafter System offers versatility for various roof configurations. Its strength and reliability make it an indispensable component in ensuring a secure roofing environment.

Rail Tek Sarting

Initially, Darcy Brown, a roofing business owner, understands the importance of safety when working on rooftops. Recognizing the need for robust safety systems, he decided to venture into the world of roof edge protection. In August 2023, he officially launched Rail Tek, his Roof Edge Protection installation company. It is equipped with extensive experience and professionalism from the roofing industry.

What sets Rail Tek apart is Darcy’s deep commitment to safety, professionalism, and a vision to capitalize on the growing Edge Protection Hire Market. His partnership with Australian Scaffolds has been pivotal in achieving these goals.

For Under Rafter Systems or top-quality equipment for construction projects, we highly recommend reaching out to Darcy at Rail Tek. Contact him at 0429 617 384 or via email at info@railtek.com.au. Darcy’s commitment to safety aligns seamlessly with Australian Scaffolds’ values, ensuring precision and innovation in every construction project in Chester Hill, Sydney, and beyond.

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