Australian Scaffolds has a complete range of temporary access stairs for sale and hire. General construction best practice and increasing regulations support the move away from ladders as a means of temporary access. As a result, adjustable stairs offer a simple, safe and practical solution for access between construction levels. Quickly and easily installed straight off the back of transport and ready for use in minutes.

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Temporary Stairs & For Access | Australian Scaffolds | 1300 919 905

Australian Scaffolds Expert Training

We are proud of our reputation as an access specialist. We pride ourselves on providing safe and positive outcomes for our clients. Without a skilled workforce, none of this would be possible.

As our business grows so does the size of our team, and maintaining high skill levels, and our reputation is paramount. To do this we developed an internal training program and hold monthly training sessions.

To learn how Australian Scaffolds can benefit your project, contact Daniel Butlin today on 1300 919 905.

Temporary Stairs & For Access | Australian Scaffolds | 1300 919 905

Need Work Completed Out Of Hours?

Australian Scaffolds was recently contacted by a customer to supply and install a public access stair for a building in the Sydney CBD.

The 4m high scaffold stairs were built by our ever-reliable scaffold team. Led by Daniel Butlin the scaffold installation was completed in 5 hours and will give the public access to the second floor of the building while new stairs are being built.

Due to safety requirements, the building had to be unoccupied at the time of the scaffold work. The Australian Scaffolds team started work at 8 pm and finished at 1 am. The anticipated scaffold hire is 4 weeks.

Our service team understand that not all jobs can be completed within business hours and we are flexible with accommodating our customers working times. We work together with our customers to ensure projects are completed on time and on budget.

Performance Requirements


Access must be provided, to the degree necessary, to enable-
(a) safe; and

(b) equitable and dignified, movement of people to and within a building.

The Public Access Stairs complied with The Building Code of Australia part Stair Construction and Riser and Going Dimension.

Another example of how Australian Scaffolds can aid your project, and help you to work SAFER, SMARTER, FASTER.

To learn how Australian Scaffold can aid your project, contact Daniel on 1300 919 905.

Temporary Stairs & For Access | Australian Scaffolds | 1300 919 905

Australian Scaffolds Shines at Vivid!

Anyone who has had to make a scaffold structure weatherproof will know the process can be challenging. Weatherproofing can be messy, ineffective, time-consuming, and unreliable. None of these issues is optimal when the scaffold is on display at Australia’s Vivid Festival of Light, especially when the structure contains complicated and sensitive electronic projectors.

Australian Scaffolds provides weather tight structures with the following benefits: Neat and clean when assembled | Lockable and Tamper Proof to prevent theft | Quick to Install which is an added advantage when working to a tight schedule.

This solution was constructed in only 3 hours and this was made possible by using “Protect Panel” wall and door modules, custom-made timber panels and custom-made roof panels. Australian Scaffolds’ custom-made parts are designed to fit specific structure’s configuration and have a coupler pre-attached to aid installation time. The response from our satisfied client was: “The scaffold is awesome, it looks fantastic”.

This is another example of how Australian Scaffolds can help you to work SAFER SMARTER and FASTER. Please contact Daniel Butlin on 1300 919 905 for further information.