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Australian Scaffold has a complete range of scaffold trestles for sale. If you need any advice or are unsure of what you require, please give us a ring on 1300 919 905 and speak to a qualified and friendly salesperson — all prices ex GST.

Trestle scaffold is a scaffold assembled from prefabricated trestles, platforms or planks and braces if required. Trestle scaffolds are commonly used in construction by a wide range of trades including bricklayers, air conditioning installers, builders, bricklayers, carpenters, electricians, plasterers, painters, scaffolders and the home handyman, plasterers, painters and home handymen. Trestle scaffolds generally do not require a licensed scaffolder to erect or dismantle if the work platform is under 4m. Australian Scaffold has a complete range of rubbish chutes for sale. Give us a ring if you need advice or are unsure of what you need.

Trestle scaffolds should be erected and dismantled by a competent person to ensure both the installer’s safety and the stability of the overall structure. Braces should be attached to the trestles following the manufacturer’s or supplier’s instructions. As the height of trestles increase, there is a greater need to provide lateral stability to the trestles. Trestle scaffolds should be stable and erected on a solid foundation to ensure it can safely carry and distribute intended workloads. Outriggers or ties to an existing structure can be used to ensure stability.

Trestle uses

Trestle scaffolds should:

  • Have edge protection installed where potential falls would result in injury to people using the scaffold or the fall area contains hazards, e.g. sharp objects like steel reinforcing bars.
  • Never exceed the working load limit.
  • Be fully planked to the maximum width, irrespective of the duty rating.
  • Use scaffold planks that are in good condition and secured against uplift.
  • Overhang end supports between 150–250 mm.
  • Work platform to be at least 450 mm wide. On sloping or uneven ground use a trestle that incorporates height adjustment.

When ordering online, freight may sometimes cause an issue. Give us a call on 1300 919 905 if you have any problems.

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