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What Makes Our Trestles The Best?

Australian Scaffold has a complete range of scaffold trestles for sale. If you need any advice or are unsure of what you require, please give us a ring on 1300 919 905 and speak to a qualified and friendly salesperson — all prices ex GST. 

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More than just another trestle

Trestle scaffolds should be erected and dismantled by a competent person to ensure both the installer’s safety and the stability of the overall structure. Braces should be attached to the trestles following the manufacturer’s or supplier’s instructions. As the height of trestles increase, there is a greater need to provide lateral stability to the trestles. Trestle scaffolds should be stable and erected on a solid foundation to ensure it can safely carry and distribute intended workloads. Outriggers or ties to an existing structure can be used to ensure stability. 

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