Roof Edge Protection Port Kembla

Scope of work: Roof Edge Protection for commercial.
Location: Port Kembla, NSW 2505
Product: Purlin Bracket

Successful Visit to Total Metal Roofing: If you need to hire roof edge protection at Port Kembla, they are the best in the area. Port Kembla, a suburb of Wollongong located 10 km south of the CBD, is part of the Illawarra region of New South Wales. It features a major seaport, one of Australia’s largest industrial complexes, a small harbour foreshore nature reserve, and a commercial sector. Situated on the tip of Red Point, Port Kembla was first sighted by Captain James Cook in 1770. The name “Kembla” is derived from an Aboriginal word meaning “plenty of wildfowl.

A Testament to Quality, Compliance, and Training

At Australian Scaffolds, we take pride in our top-tier products and exceptional service. Recently, we had the pleasure of visiting one of our valued customers, Total Metal Roofing. This visit was a perfect example of how our Roof Edge Protection products meet and exceed industry standards.

About Total Metal Roofing

Total Metal Roofing, founded two years ago by Jacob, is a thriving metal roofing cladding business. Jacob’s vision was to establish a family business and manage it independently. From the outset, Total Metal Roofing has been dedicated to quality and safety, a commitment that aligns perfectly with our own values at Australian Scaffolds.

Roof Edge Protection Installation in Port Kembla

One of our key collaborations with Total Metal Roofing involved the installation of our Purlin Bracket System on a commercial project in Port Kembla. During our recent visit to capture photos of this installation, an interesting incident underscored the importance of compliance and quality.

The project manager of the commercial building asked Jacob whether our products were Roof Edge Protection Systems certified by Australian Standards. Confident in the quality of our offerings, Jacob promptly presented our product manual, showcasing the certifications. This reassured the project manager, allowing the installation to proceed smoothly.

On-Site Training by Our Expert

Our Roof Edge Protection Expert, Frank, conducted face-to-face training with Jacob’s team that day. Frank provided comprehensive instructions on how to use our Purlin Bracket System in different and safe ways. This hands-on training ensured that the team could utilize the system effectively and safely, enhancing their confidence and competence.

Exceptional Service

Our commitment to supporting our customers and providing top-notch products has solidified our relationship with Total Metal Roofing and ensured successful project outcomes.

At Australian Scaffolds, we are proud to support businesses like Total Metal Roofing, helping them confidently achieve their goals. 

Our team is ready to assist you with your scaffolding needs. Call us at 1300 919 905 or email us at info@australianscaffolds.com.au to purchase our reliable and efficient roof edge protection systems.

Need Edge Protection Equipment in Port Kembla?

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