Rubbish Chutes for Sale in Alexandria

Need Rubbish Chutes in Alexandria? Australian Scaffolds offers Rubbish Chutes for sale with over 25 years of industry experience designing, engineering, and in addition, building scaffolding and bringing smart solutions to the Construction Industry. We offer no-obligation free advice and also fast and free quotes throughout Sydney, including Alexandria. We provide a range of quality Rubbish Chutes to efficiently remove waste material from upper-storey areas such as rooftops, balconies, or scaffolds. Chutes come in modular sections of 1.1m and adjustable chains that you can adapt to the desired height.

A typical set-up would involve a dump hopper, several 1.1m chute sections and a fixing bracket; You can attach the bracket to scaffolds, balconies, windows, or flat rooftops. Although for heavy-duty work, you can install chute liners to re-enforce the sections. So, if you’re searching for a reputable Rubbish Chutes provider, call our team on 1300 919 905 and speak to a qualified, friendly scaffolder today.

Rubbish Chutes in Alexandria

Australian Scaffold has for sale complete Rubbish Chutes solutions in Alexandria, NSW. Our Rubbish chute 6m package includes altogether the following:

Rubbish chutes for sale in Alexandria

Rubbish chutes are particularly ideal for removing construction waste from multi-level buildings. The shock-resistant hard plastic is the primary material. Rubbish chutes are silent, easy to transport, and assembled quickly and effortlessly; We explicitly meet the safety and waste disposal requirements in NSW. Our rubbish chutes. Walls, scaffolds and inclined or flat rooftops, in general, can mount Rubbish chutes.

For this reason, because they integrated double hooks, rubbish chutes are easily and quickly installed for maximum safety. Each rubbish chute is 1.1 m long and equipped with 3 mm wear ribbings guaranteeing high durability. In combination with its material – impact-resistant plastics – the Geda rubbish chute is perfect for use at construction sites.


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Need Rubbish Chutes Sales in Alexandria?

Australian Scaffolds has rubbish chutes for sale in Alexandria, and you can purchase them conveniently and securely online with fast delivery across Australia by visiting www.AustralianScaffolds.com.au/RubbishChutesOr similarly, visit our store at 71 Hobart Street, Riverstone NSW, to check out the great range of Butlin Products, including  Acrow PropsEdge ProtectionMobile Scaffolds, Trestles & more.


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