Jordan Springs Scaffolding Project


Jordan Springs Primary School


Jordan Springs

Completion Time

1.5 Days


  • Creating public access stairs in a primary school with roofing to last one year.


The client engaged us to create and install public stair access for their primary school project with a roof cover.


Scaffold tends to be a temporary solution in many cases. However, on a few occasions, we are required to offer a long term solution. In this case, we were required to have a roof that would withstand the conditions of the Australian weather for a year and most likely longer.


With a few trial and errors in the yard, the boys were able to fine-tune their roofing skills and created a nice colourbond roofing over the scaffold. Our in house fabricator created spigots that would be placed inside the top of the standards with metal plates which allowed us to bolt timber beams across the scaffold. Once designed the roof went on better then we hand expected. The second part of public access was the second handrail for children. Being public stair access in a class B building, the stair access must have a second handrail no higher than 750mm from the middle of the step. Layher scaffold have designed a system which is a quick and simple attachment onto their guard rails, that makes the installation of these handrails a breeze.

Due to the scaffold being installed for such a long period of time, we scheduled monthly checks on the scaffold to ensure that the scaffold still meets AS standards and that no one has removed any parts of the scaffold. Once we have checked over the scaffold and it meets our strict requirements we tag the scaffold and advise the client that it is still safe to continue using it. 

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