Lachlans Line


North Ryde

Completion Time

3 Weeks


  • Suspending scaffolding over a motorway.
  • Temporary scaffold for bridge access.


To Build a lightweight scaffold in the yard which would be picked up by a semi-trailer and delivered to Lachlan’s Line and then to be craned and installed into place.

Lachlans Line Australian Scaffolds 2
Lachlans Line Australian Scaffolds


The main challenge at Lachlan’s Line was ensuring that when the scaffold was built and finished, the sections of the bridge would not interfere with the scaffold when lifted into place.

Our Modular scaffolding system allows us to have less gear then Kwikstage scaffold and still be stronger than them. We had to use the Layher LW Bridging system (only 2 companies has this product in NSW) to achieve sign off from the engineer regarding the weight and strength component of the scaffold.


After understanding and investigating the scope of works. Australian scaffolds were able to design and construct a solution that would provide the client with the access around the bridge as they required.

Due to the bridge being built over motorways and busy intersections we only had a total of 6 road closures to install our scaffold. By dividing the crew into two teams we completed the work. Once in Location and secured the team was able to adjust the scaffold to the needs of the fabricators, and once again Australian scaffolds had another very satisfied client.

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