Neutral Bay


Neutral Bay

Completion Time

3 Hours


  • To complete the project in a given timeframe


The strata manager needed engineers to inspect the building roof to find the source of the roof leakage.


The Strata contacted Australian scaffolds the evening before they wanted the scaffold installed. Our quick turn over time between gaining information about the job and sending out a quote is what Australian scaffold takes pride in. We had a turnaround of 15hrs.


With a quick turn around and an early start in the rain. The Australian scaffold team were able to assemble the 10m stair tower without disruptions. As we gained access to the roof we installed roof edge protection around the perimeter to allow the engineers to be protected as they inspected the roof for damages.

We also installed anchor points for the engineer so that they could connect their harness as they looked over the edge of the roof.  This Job shows that Australian scaffold is not just involved in big complex jobs, but we can help make simple jobs quick and effective for our clients. Contact us today for a free quote.

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