Penrith Station



Completion Time

3 Days


  • To allow trains to continue running while scaffolding is still in use.


Penrith station has one unused large standard railway water tank from 1921. It is comprised of cast iron with a 20,000-gallon storage capacity single tier tank forming the top of the tower.

This significant structure has years of railway history. The scope required the tank to be sandblasted in the railway corridor. The lead-based paint also needed to be encapsulated to ensure the lead chemicals did not contaminate any areas outsides the encapsulation.


Our biggest challenge was ensuring that the scaffold was going to be protected by passing trains and would not become a conductor of electricity. Our solution for this is our very own Engineered certified PVC hoarding. Our design team has created a plastic housing which joins on to the scaffold from the inside and protects the scaffold from all HV wires and stops it from becoming a conductor. The other small minor challenge that we also incurred was that we only had one day to deliver 26 tonnes of scaffold and two days to install it, as it had to be completed in a shutdown weekend due to the work being in the rail corridor.


We know not all jobs go to plan and there are usually always a few alterations to the original plan of attack. However, this current job went down without a hitch. We were able to complete the scaffold work within our required time frame and for the job its self.

Sydney trains said they had never seen a system like our PVC hoarding before and were impressed to say the least. Due to our system being quick and efficient it allowed trains to run there normal timetable and the sand blaster to continue working away at restoring and help revitalise this great piece of train history for generations to come.

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