Remedial Works

Completion Time

1 Day


  • Install scaffolding even with small gaps around the sides of the house with uneven slopes


The client was midway through their house renovations, when they realised they were going to need scaffolding. The slope of their property was quite steep.


The slope of their property was quite steep. It is was a quite a squeeze around the house , with a few obstacles of trees and the occasional kids toy truck floating around.


Our leading hand Josh took charge of this project. His years of scaffolding experience and with his eye for detail, he was able to work his magic and produce required results. 2 working platforms around the entire house allowed the workers to gain full access to all renovation works. Manoeuvring around the trees were tricky at times but with a few alterations to our scaffold we avoided any damage to the surrounding trees and neighbouring houses. The client was very pleased with our work and couldn’t believe how quick it went up and how minimal the noise was. The added mention of how well behaviour the workers were was very pleasing to hear.

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