Walker St. Rhodes


Walker St. Rhodes

Completion Time

4 Hours


  • Temporary scaffold to install crane ties to the building.


To build a cantilevered scaffold outside the windows on building (LV 20 ). This scaffold is to then be further cantilevered on itself at a 90-degree angle with a distance of 2 meters.

Walker St Rhodes Australian Scaffolds 2
Walker St Rhodes Australian Scaffolds


Besides the sheer height and being hung outside the window, we had to design the scaffold to firstly withstand the weight and fit through the gap that the window was meant to be as all the windows were installed prior to the scaffold going into place.

We were not allowed to used anything besides our window gap. Also, we had to allow the workers to reach the wall to bolt in the ties without having to lean too far over the scaffold minimising as much risk as possible.

Our modular scaffolding system allows us to have less gear than Kwikstage scaffolds and still be stronger than them. We had to use the Layher LW Bridging system (only 2 companies has this product in NSW) to achieve sign off from the engineer regarding the weight and strength component of the scaffold.


With our engineering team working around the clock to find a solution for this complex job, we came up with a plan that was engineer certified and met the client’s approval for not only in the design of it but all safety aspects as well. 

By pressure tiring to the concrete slabs, this allowed us to set up a strong and stable base to cantilever out the windows. Our cantilever systems were braced and supported throughout which left them with little to almost no bounce. Our design gave the workers a arms reach distance from the guard rail to the side of the building where they were to bolt the ties of the crane to.

A fun and interesting design for Australian scaffolds that was safe and minimized the risk to everyone working on the scaffolding and around it.

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