Advanced Scaffolding

Consists of all basic, intermediate and advanced scaffolding including all other scaffolding work connected with the use and operation suspended scaffolds for licensing purposes.

Advanced Scaffolding Required skills

  • ability to erect scaffold and equipment within the scope of the advanced scaffolder
  • ability to build, level, plumb and stabilise scaffolds and scaffold equipment within the range of the advanced scaffolder
  • aptitude for working safely at heights
  • ability to interpret manufacturer’s specifications for plant and equipment
  • accurate interpretation of structural charts and structural plans
  • correct application of all scaffolding equipment
  • verify problems and equipment faults and demonstrate an appropriate response.

Required knowledge

  • use of appropriate mathematical procedures for estimation and measurement of loads
  • Commonwealth, state or territory OHS legislation and local government regulations, including standards and codes of practice relevant to the full range of techniques for undertaking advanced scaffolding activities
  • knowledge of principles relating to plant and equipment stability
  • understanding of types of scaffolding and their application
  • knowledge of scaffold and scaffold equipment erection and dismantling techniques
  • knowledge scaffold equipment, associated with advanced scaffolding and their use/s
  • risk assessment and control, including an understanding of the hierarchy of control
  • load capabilities of different types of scaffolding constructions
  • understanding and application of organisational and workplace standards, requirements, policies and procedures for scaffolding
  • implementation of safety equipment applicable to scaffolding
  • knowledge and application of the inspection and maintenance requirements for an advanced scaffold, associated equipment and scaffold equipment
  • uses and limitations of tools and equipment, appropriate to scaffolding tasks and activities.

Forces and Loads may include, but are not limited to:

  • dead loads
  • live loads
  • static load
  • dynamic loads
  • wind loads.

Appropriate standards may include:

  • codes of practice
  • legislation
  • Australian Standards
  • manufacturer’s specifications
  • industry standards (where applicable).

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