Brickies Trestle Mona Vale- The Worlds Best!

Need to work safe and fast at low height? The friendly team at Mitre 10 has Australia’s best quality engineered Bricklayers Trestles for sale in Mona Vale. Furthermore, with a platform height ranging from as little as 46 centimetres up to 90 centimetres. Ideally suited for odd jobs around the home such as painting ceilings and walls, cleaning gutters, pruning hedges etc. Great for Bricklayers building single storey homes as the brickie will not hit his head on the rafter.

Lifetime Guarantee | Built Strong – Built Tough | Exceeds AS/NZS 1576

Easy to store and transport
Fast to set up, requiring no tools
Height adjustable from 460 – 900mm
Lightweight 10 kg – Super Strong 450kg

“Small enough to paint your ceiling, big enough to clean your gutters”.

Butlin Bricklayers Trestles are an essential tool when working at a low height. Lightweight with four adjustable legs to use on uneven ground. One-piece pull up frame, working at heights is fast and easy. Bricklayers Trestles are generally known as Brickies Trestles, however, also known as A Trestles, Bricklayers Trestle, Scaffold Trestles, Painters Trestles, Plasterers Trestle and Steel Trestles.

Buy Bricklayers Trestles Mona Vale

When needing to buy Brickies Trestles for your next construction project, check out the vast range of Butlin Bricklayers Trestles for sale in Mona Vale. Visit Mitre 10, located at 73 Basset Street, Mona Vale NSW 2103. Or similarly, give the mighty helpful team a ring on (02) 9996 3340. Buy Australia’s best quality engineered Brickies Trestles in Mona Vale. 

Butlin Maxi Equipment

Butlins Maxi Equipment is the safest and best quality construction equipment available and therefore has a lifetime guarantee. Above all, Butlins believes in building premium quality products that are essential for a more productive and safer life for people everywhere. In addition, designed, engineered & manufactured in Sydney, NSW. Buy Australia’s best quality engineered Bricklayers Trestles in Mona Vale, proudly supplied by Australian Scaffolds.

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