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Talent Tuesday

Craneable Scaffolding

Australian Scaffolds Talent Tuesday weekly topic was craneable scaffold and was a  great success with Terry McDougall. Terry presented information to Australian Scaffolds sales & service people regarding the benefits of using craneable scaffolding on site.

Australian Scaffold were appointed to design and install a 12m scaffold stairway tower. Providing access to one of the largest infrastructure projects in the Sydney area. The ever-changing access requirements on site were the inspiration for a design that would allow for the quick and efficient relocation of the tower at short notice.

Australian Scaffolds technical team, designed a remarkable craneable Layher Allround stair tower solution. Layher’s intelligent connection technology, combined with the high load-bearing capacity of Layher Allround’s diagonal braces brought this lateral-thinking solution to a practical conclusion: the 12m high stairway tower was assembled horizontally, then simply lifted by crane and placed in the required position on site. Subsequent relocations of the structure also involve crane-handling and were remarkably straightforward. This impressive solution offered the client speed of assembly, saving in labour costs and avoided risks associated with working at height.

Daniel Butlin, Director of Australian Scaffold, commented “We were able to completely relocate this 12m high scaffold access stair  tower in under 2 hours, with only 2 men. Crane-handling not only significantly reduced the risks, but also saved all parties the time that would be involved in the conventional strip and re-erection of scaffolding. There was minimal site disruption”. A great job displayed by the Australian Scaffold team!

Theses benefits are saving our customers up to 90% in time & money. Terry has a great understanding and knowledge of the superior performance of using an engineered scaffold.  Great work Terry! If you would like further information on craneable scaffold, scaffold hire or scaffold bridges call Daniel Butlin on 1300 919 905 or email [email protected]