Edge Protection for New Homes Building

  • Scope: Provide Edge Protection for Carpenters
  • Sector: ConstructionCarpentry
  • Location: Saint Clair, NSW
  • Client: ProBuild Constructions Team

In 2022 Australian Scaffolds was contracted to provide Edge Protection Systems for Tim Ayfondis, owner of  ProBuild Constructions Team; Tim offers his Carpentry  services for construction projects whole around Sydney for new home building. You can contact him anytime for carpentry projects at 04 33 257 951. Edge Protection is vital for new home building projects to prevent falls from heights, which is the number one cause of death on NSW construction sites. The most serious and fatal falls occur from roofs, ladders and scaffolds, particularly at heights of 4 metres or less.

Temporary covers or Edge Protection stops people from falling through fragile roof surfaces. Edge Protection systems help to save lives and protect workers on construction sites, so they should always be given due consideration during the planning stages of any new home-building project. being protected at workplaces is essential to the construction process, providing a safe and stable space for workers to carry out their duties.

Tim Contacted Australian Scaffolds a few times this year to purchase Edge Protection Systems to be used at his company to ensure his staff is safe and complying with the Safe Work NSW  requests; Tim started his Business 8 years ago, and it was one of his goals that he always wanted to start his own business and now he made it real, for you new homes projects contact Tim any time whole around Sydney..

Why Edge Protection for New Homes Building?

These systems are an important safety measure for anyone working on or near a roof. A wide range of roof types uses numerous systems. Australian Scaffolds can provide you with what you need. Edge protection systems help to prevent falls over a roof edge by providing a physical barrier. It is an important safety measure for anyone working on or near a roof.

Edge protection comes in various shapes and sizes and can be adapted to suit the specific needs of a project. We help our customers maintain or repair any infrastructure all over NSW; For that reason, we offer a wide variety of services and solutions to our customer’s needs, with professional advice from our sales team.

Safety with Edge Protection for New Homes Building

We take our duty to health and safety at Australian scaffold seriously. as an illustration to our customers, we ensure that our practices are always reasonable and that our workers and people who use our products are not exposed to any risks. For that reason, we take care of the installation, construction and commissioning of structures used as workplaces. Also, those using the structures for their intended purpose are not in danger.

We Offer different Options for Edge Protection:

Other Edge Protection for New Homes Building

They come in many different types and are used in construction, each with unique advantages. We offer the most common and essential systems and accessories:

Australian Scaffolds provides a complete range of scaffold & access equipment for sale & hire. in particular, our focus is providing safe height access solutions with outstanding customer service. with this in mind, we confirm to have the experience, knowledge, and technical backup to help our customers “Work Safer – Faster – Smarter”. you can find on our website a full variety of scaffold accessories, acrow props, edge protection, frame scaffold, kwikstage scaffold, ladders, Layher scaffolds, mobile scaffolds, planks, rubbish chutes, scaffold tubes, tools, stair access, trestles, tube fittings for sale.

Our Guarantees

  • Provide after-sales service
  • Treat all customers with respect
  • Stand behind the quality of our products
  • Formulate solutions to any work-related problem

Need Edge Protection for New Homes Building?

Australian Scaffolds has scaffold equipment & accessories for sale in Australia. You can purchase them conveniently and securely online with fast delivery across the country by visiting www.AustralianScaffolds.com.au Or, visit our store at 71 Hobart Street, Riverstone NSW, to check out the great range of Butlin Products, including  Acrow PropsEdge ProtectionMobile Scaffolds, Trestles & more.

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