Edge Protection Hunter Valley

Project:  Edge Protection  Hunter Valley
Location: Hunter Valley, NSW 2148
Client: Premier Roof Safety
Sector:  Residential and Commercial

The Hunter Region, often referred to as the Hunter Valley, Newcastle Region, or simply Hunter, is an expansive area in New South Wales, Australia. It stretches from around 120 km (75 mi) to 310 km (193 mi) north of Sydney. On this opportunity, our customer covers a big area from the central coast to hunter valley. 

Daniel, a respected roofer and founder of Premier Metal Roofing, identified a crucial need for reliable roof edge protection suppliers in Central Coast and Hunter Valley in New South Wales. Driven by his commitment to worker safety, Daniel acquired a renowned edge protection company and integrated it into his services, giving birth to Premier Roof Safety.

Edge Protection Demand in Hunter Valley

Understanding the risks workers face without proper safety measures; Daniel partnered with Australian Scaffolds to provide top-quality edge protection solutions across the region. 4 years ago, he understood that partnering with us brought his business many benefits to him, his crew and his customers.

Daniel acquired a legendary local edge protection company, strengthening Premier Roof Safety’s position with the support of Australian Scaffolds.

Best Edge Protection Hunter Valley

Premier Roof Safety expanded its offerings to serve commercial and residential builders, delivering cutting-edge solutions tailored to the industry’s evolving demands. Using advanced products like Underafter roof edge protection brackets from BUTLIN,  Premier Roof Safety ensures quick installation and cost-effectiveness.

With a strong focus on customer needs, Premier Roof Safety, supported by Australian Scaffolds, adapts its offerings and services to meet builders’ unique challenges. Premier Roof Safety is driving change in the industry by acquiring a renowned edge protection company and supporting Australian Scaffolds. Daniel is creating a safer construction environment in Central Coast by delivering exceptional solutions and prioritizing customer needs.

If you need to rent Roof Edge protection, don’t hesitate to contact Daniel from Premier Roof Safety at 0437 019 437 or email him at premierroofsafety@outlook.com.au

At Australian Scaffolds, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality Edge Protection systems that meet the needs of our customers. We aim to ensure that every customer who purchases our products receives the best possible service and support.

Our Guarantees

  • Provide after-sales service
  • Treat all customers with respect 
  • Stand behind the quality of our products
  • Formulate solutions to any work-related problem

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