Edge Protection Tahmoor NSW

Project:  Edge Protection Tahmoor
Location: Tahmoor NSW
Client: Vander Roofing
Sector:  Residential

Nestled in the scenic landscapes of New South Wales, Tahmoor is a charming town known for its tranquillity and close-knit community. It’s within this idyllic setting that Luke, the owner of Vander Roofing, has chosen to establish his thriving roofing business. Surrounded by the natural beauty of the Nattai National Park, Tahmoor provides the perfect backdrop for Luke’s commitment to safety and excellence in every rooftop installation.

Ensuring Safety at Heights:

A Visit to Vander Roofing with Australian Scaffolds, our commitment to safety and customer satisfaction takes us on exciting journeys to witness firsthand how our products make a difference. Recently, we had the privilege of visiting Luke, the owner of Vander Roofing, a thriving roofing company based in Tahmoor, NSW. In this blog post, we’ll explore Luke’s journey, his partnership with our Roof Edge Protection Systems, and the key features that set us apart in the industry.

A Roofer’s Entrepreneurial Dream:

Luke’s Story, a seasoned professional roofer, embarked on his entrepreneurial journey in 2019 with a simple dream – to be his own boss. Choosing Tahmoor, NSW, as his base, he built Vander Roofing into a versatile business that handles residential, commercial, and diverse roofing projects. The pivotal decision to align his business with Australian Scaffolds’ Roof Edge Protection category, specifically our Butlin products, has played a crucial role in ensuring safety at heights during his roof installations.

Butlin – The Choice for Easy, Quick, and Lightweight Roof Edge Protection

What sets Butlin apart for Luke? The answer lies in its user-friendly design. Luke emphasizes the ease and quickness with which Butlin products can be employed, making them an invaluable asset in his daily operations. The lightweight nature of our Roof Edge Protection Systems further enhances efficiency, allowing Luke and his team to navigate rooftop installations with ease.

Comprehensive Support Beyond Products

Beyond the exceptional products, Luke values the comprehensive support Australian Scaffolds provides. Our commitment to customer service is reflected in free training sessions offered after every purchase. This not only ensures that Luke and his team are well-acquainted with the products but also highlights our dedication to fostering a culture of safety within the industry.

Friendly Staff, Lasting Alliances

Luke’s positive experience extends beyond the products – he appreciates the friendly staff at Australian Scaffolds. The personal touch in our interactions has forged a lasting alliance, reinforcing the notion that safety and collaboration go hand in hand.

In conclusion, our visit to Vander Roofing showcased a thriving partnership prioritising safety, efficiency, and excellent customer service. Luke’s success story is a testament to the impact of Australian Scaffolds’ Roof Edge Protection Systems in the competitive roofing landscape. As we continue to empower businesses like Vander Roofing, we look forward to reaching new heights together in the Roof Edge Protection category.

Our Guarantees

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  • Formulate solutions to any work-related problem

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