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Looking to buy formwork props for your next construction project? The friendly team at Magnet Mart Home Timber & Hardware has Australia’s best quality engineered Formwork Props for sale in Queanbeyan.  Furthermore, with sizes ranging from a little as 45 centimeters or up to as large as 5.6 meters they are ideally suited for formwork, restumping houses, underpinning foundations, and reaching for those unusually high ceilings and beams

Formwork Props | Built Strong | Built Tough

  • High load capacity
  • Cast steel 3 point nut
  • Hot dipped galvanised
  • Premium grade heavy-duty steel
  • Oven baked powder-coated in Hi-Viz orange

Formwork Props | Queanbeyan | Guaranteed for Life

As a result of using premium quality steel, Butlin Maxi Formwork Props have high load capacities and dual rust prevention. Before each Formwork Prop is hot-dipped galvanised and oven-baked powder-coated, all welding and cutting processes are completed. So consequently, all surfaces exposed to the environment will not rust. The cast steel nut is unique, being self-cleaning and the only 3 point nut available in Australia, therefore, providing faster installation and dismantle.

Buy formwork props online | Built by Butlins | Supplied by Australian Scaffolds
Buy Formwork Props in Queanbeyan

Buy Formwork Props | Queanbeyan

When needing to buy Formwork Props for your next construction project, check out the range of Butlin Formwork Props for sale today. With a team dedicated to creating height safety equipment that is essential for a safer and more productive life for people everywhere. Visit Magnet Mart Home Timber & Hardware, located at Cnr Yass & Aurora Avenues, Queanbeyan ACT 2620. Or similarly, give the team a ring on 02 6297 8711 and go where the tradies go. Buy Australia’s best value Aluminium Scaffolds today. Proudly built by Butlins, supplied by Australian Scaffolds.

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