How To Brace Acrow Props?

Bracing Acrow Props For Better Support And Stability

Acrow props are one of the best temporary support options if you need to support a large, static overhead load. Whether you’re supporting a ceiling while removing support beams, heavy overhead timbers, or masonry with timber needles or a strong boy, an Acrow prop is a very useful temporary support to have on hand for a number of different projects. So, how do you brace Acrow props for better safety and stability?

Nevertheless, one of the biggest drawbacks of Acrow props is that they have poor resistance to shear forces. Additionally, their support capabilities can become compromised if they’re more than 1.5° away from the vertical plane.

Bracing Acrow props helps make up for this. Acrow props still should only be used to support vertical loads, but if you brace them, they will be stronger and more reliable, particularly in situations where horizontal loads may be higher than anticipated.

Bracing An Acrow Prop With Scaffolding Tube 

What You Need To Know

Most modern Acrow props are designed to be compatible with standard-gauge scaffolding tubing. Using a coupler, you can easily connect multiple Acrow props together with scaffolding tubing.

Additionally, the best way to secure an Acrow prop with a scaffolding tube is to attach it to each prop in sequence diagonally. Therefore, will allow the forces absorbed by the Acrow prop to be distributed properly across multiple props, and increase its horizontal and vertical stability.

Bracing an Acrow prop helps lend it more support. Additionally, this is particularly important if the Acrow prop is being used outside, where the wind and other natural forces could push the prop out of alignment. Furthermore, using scaffolding tubing to brace the prop will help ensure that its performance is not compromised.

Beyond simply bracing Acrow props, other necessary safety steps include using a strong, durable platform for the Acrow prop – one which will not deform or sink. Moreover, the Acrow prop itself should also be anchored directly to the structure which it is supporting. For wood beams, the Acrow prop should be nailed into place, while properly-sized timber needles or strongboys should be used for masonry.

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