Mobile scaffold for belt replacement at Woolworths Minchinbury Distribution Centre

Client: Woolworths Minchinbury distribution centre

Location: Minchinbury NSW 2770

Completion: 16th December 2022

Sector:  Industrial

Scope of Works: Mobile scaffold for belt replacement

Mobile scaffold for belt replacement at the Woolworths Minchinbury Distribution Centre. Located in Minchinbury, NSW, this project was completed on an urgent basis to minimize disruption to the distribution centre’s operations. Our team at Australian Scaffolds worked quickly and efficiently to install the scaffold on Friday night and dismantle it on Saturday morning, all while working outside of standard work hours. Keep reading to learn more about this project and the importance of mobile scaffolds in industrial settings.

Importance of mobile scaffolds in industrial Centres

Mobile scaffolds are an important tool in industrial settings, providing a safe and stable platform for workers at heights. In addition, they also help companies meet safety regulations and ensure the well-being of their employees. With Woolworths Minchinbury Distribution Centre, the mobile scaffold allowed workers to replace a belt on a conveyor system safely. It minimises the risk of injury and ensures the smooth operation of the facility.

Why Mobile Scaffold for belt replacement 

The use of mobile scaffolds can also increase efficiency, as they provide a flexible and easily movable platform for workers to access various areas of a facility as needed. Overall, the importance of mobile scaffolds in industrial settings cannot be overstated, as they play a vital role in ensuring facilities’ safety, efficiency, and smooth operation.

Urgent Job Opening at Woolworths Minchinbury Distribution Centre

On Friday night, the Australian Scaffolds service team received an urgent request from Woolworths Minchinbury Distribution Centre to install a mobile scaffold for belt replacement. Located in Minchinbury, NSW, the distribution centre needed the job completed as soon as possible to minimize disruption to their operations.

The team mobilized quickly, arriving at the site on Friday night to begin the installation. Although they were working out of standard work hours, it allowed them to minimize the impact on the distribution centre’s operations and ensure that the scaffold was ready for use as soon as possible.

The team worked efficiently and effectively, completing the installation in a timely manner. They then dismantled the scaffold on Saturday morning, again to ensure that the job was completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Overall, the Australian Scaffolds service team did an excellent job in completing this urgent request promptly and professionally. The Woolworths Minchinbury Distribution Centre was able to resume operations with minimal disruption thanks to their efforts.

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Edge protection is an important safety feature for distribution centres and other industrial facilities. It helps prevent falls from heights and ensures the safety of workers working at or near the edges of platforms, roofs, or other elevated surfaces. Edge protection can take many forms, such as guardrails, handrails, and warning lines. It is important to have the appropriate type of protection in place based on the specific needs and risks present at the facility. We offer the most common and essential systems and accessories:

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