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Narellan, located 60 kilometres southwest of Sydney, is a suburb known for its modern shopping centre, Narellan Town Centre, historic landmarks like St. Thomas Chapel and Studley Park House, and a picturesque golf course.

A Site Visit to Our Loyal Customer in Sydney

Stonham Safety Solutions is a testament to innovation and dedication in the Roof edge protection and safety solutions industry. Owned and operated by Justin & Ashleigh Stonham, this dynamic business has quickly made its mark in Sydney.

Based in south-western Sydney, Stonham Safety Solutions serves the greater Sydney area, focusing on Edge protection hire and superior customer service.

 A Decade of Expertise

Before establishing Stonham Safety Solutions, Justin Stonham spent a decade honing his expertise in the Edge Protection hire industry. This extensive experience has equipped him with a deep understanding of Australian roof safety standards. Justin’s commitment to safety and quality is evident in every project undertaken by Stonham Safety Solutions.

Roof Edge Protection Installation in Narellan

During our recent site visit to Stonham Safety Solutions, we witnessed firsthand their team’s professionalism and efficiency in Roofing safety. Our visit coincided with a roof edge protection installation in Narellan, where Stonham Safety Solutions implemented our innovative Under Rafter Roof Edge Protection system.

Ensuring Safety and Compliance

The Under Rafter Roof Edge Protection system offered by Stonham Safety Solutions is a game-changer in the industry. By clamping to an exposed rafter from the underside of the roof, this system achieves compliance with Australian safety standards.

Designed to function like a G clamp, the Under Rafter bracket is remarkably strong, providing a safety rail around the edge of residential and domestic roofs. Moreover, it is perfectly suited for roof pitches between 22.5 and 30 degrees, making it an ideal solution for various roofing projects.

For your commercial and residential safety solutions, contact Justin today at 0408 214 986! 

Other services

  • Roof pitch
  • Residential safety solutions
  • Sydney roofing solutions

Our Guarantees

  • Provide after-sales service
  • Treat all customers with respect 
  • Stand behind the quality of our products
  • Formulate solutions to any work-related problem

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