Scaffolding Access Ramp

Australian Scaffolds recently completed a wheel chair scaffold access ramp to the entrance of the Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club for our client Paynter & Dixon. The scaffold access ramp was in use while work was carried out to the existing concrete ramp.

Australian Scaffold supervisor Joshua Savage led the team. And said was pleased with the 1.5 hour install, and that the ramp lined up with the existing landing to within 1 millimetre. Waka Naera, Paynter Dixons site foreman commented it was a “great job and happy with the result”.

Scaffold Ramp Regulations

The Building Code of Australia, Australian Standards 1428 and the Disability (Access to Premises – Buildings) Standards (Premises Standards), regulate ramps in buildings.

As travel along a ramp demands significant effort, a ramp is not appropriate for a rise of more than one storey. Ramps are most appropriate if they are designed with:

the lowest reasonable gradient,
no steeper than 1:14
a horizontal landing providing an opportunity to rest at every 9m and at each change in direction
a handrail and kerbs on both sides a double rail, where appropriate, with the lower rail suited to people of short stature or children.
Ramp Definitions

Refer to the Building Code of Australia and Australian Standards for complete definitions and regulatory requirements for a scaffold access ramp.

Step Ramp – A short ramp no steeper than 1:10 and rising no more than 190mm. A step ramp is intended to enable access at a door threshold or other situations where there is an unavoidable, small change in level.

Ramp – A walkway has a gradient no steeper than 1:20 and must be equipped with handrails and kerbs. The controlling dimensions for ramps, handrails and kerbs are detailed in the relevant Australian Standard.

Walkway – A walkway has a gradient no steeper than 1:20 and does not require handrails or kerbs.

Landing – A scaffold access ramp must have a landing at the top and bottom, at the changes of direction and at intervals along its length. A ramp at a gradient of 1:14 should have a landing at 9m intervals. A landing should be a minimum of 1500mm.

For scaffold access ramp inquiries. Please call Australian Scaffolds on 1300 919 905.

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