Scaffold Hire in North Sydney

Project: Scaffold Hire in North Sydney
Location: North Sydney, NSW
Client: Affordable roofing

Sector: Residential

North Sydney, a vibrant business district on the north shore of Sydney Harbour, offers a dynamic urban experience. On weekdays, the area bustles with office workers who flock to the modern eateries conveniently located along Miller Street. Come weekends; the locals eagerly visit the Northside Produce Market, held twice a month, to indulge in an array of organic produce and gourmet delights.

Scaffolding for Chimney Repairing

Australian Scaffolds, a reliable provider of scaffolding rental services, recently teamed up with Affordable Roofing to complete a chimney repair project. They made sure to follow all the rules and certifications required by the Australian government.

Australian Scaffolds built strong and secure scaffold access that allowed Affordable Roofing to carry out the necessary repairs without needing special permits from the council. They also took great care to keep everyone safe around the powerlines.

Scaffolds under Australian Standards  

To meet the Australian government’s regulations, we carefully planned and executed the scaffold erection process. Australian Scaffold set up the scaffold within the property boundaries and extended it across the tiled roof. This intelligent approach eliminated the need for special permits, saving time and resources. It’s a great example of how Australian Scaffolds turn complex into simple projects.

Challenges Chimney Repairing

One of the main challenges they faced during this project was the steepness of the tiled roof. But the experienced team at Australian Scaffolds quickly overcame this hurdle and ensured the scaffold was securely installed. We took great care to maintain the correct distance between the scaffold and the powerlines, preventing potential hazards. Following all guidelines and regulations to create a safe working environment for the roofing team to minimise the risk of accidents. The scaffold erection process was completed in just one shift. Their skilled technicians worked diligently to get the scaffold up quickly, allowing Affordable Roofing to start the chimney repairs without any delays.

Need Scaffold Hire in North Sydney?

Australian Scaffolds is available day and night, seven days a week. Our expert team of qualified Scaffolders has decades of experience. We strive to make complex- simple. To find out more, call 1300 919 905. Or email Daniel Butlin at daniel.butlin@australianscaffolds.com.au

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