What percentage of Australia is classified as desert?

At Australian Scaffolds, we take pride in being an Australian-owned business. Join us on a captivating journey into the heart of Australia’s deserts, where approximately 18% of the country reveals a diverse landscape beyond the stereotypical image of endless sand dunes. From the rugged Outback to the grand formations of the Simpson Desert, this exploration offers a unique perspective for builders and enthusiasts alike. It highlights the resilience and creativity demanded by these arid expanses.

Australia’s Desert Diversity

Australia, a land of diverse landscapes, holds a fascinating secret within its arid regions. Approximately 18% of the country is officially classified as desert, encompassing a variety of environments that extend far beyond the stereotypical image of endless sand dunes.

The Outback: A Builder’s Canvas

At the heart of the continent lies the iconic Outback, a vast and rugged expanse that exemplifies the arid nature of Australia’s deserts. For builders, it serves as a canvas of both beauty and challenges, with its distinctive red earth telling tales of resilience and endurance reminiscent of well-constructed structures.

Simpson Desert: Nature’s Grand Formation

The Simpson Desert, boasting the title of the world’s largest parallel sand dune desert, unveils nature’s impressive geological formations. This vast expanse is akin to constructing a colossal sandcastle, highlighting the grandeur inherent in natural processes that parallel the intricacies of construction.

Tanami Desert: A Builder’s Playground

For those drawn to challenges, the Tanami Desert in the Australian Outback provides a formidable playground. Navigating its arid landscapes mirrors the complexities of managing a construction project, emphasizing the resourcefulness required in both endeavours.

Great Victoria Desert: Nature’s Surprising Chill

Contrary to common perceptions, the Great Victoria Desert experiences chilly temperatures at night. Comparable to a construction site demanding protective layers, this aspect of the desert serves as a reminder that even in the driest regions, nature can present unexpected nuances.

Resilience and Creativity in Australia’s Deserts

To builders and enthusiasts, Australia’s deserts offer more than an arid expanse. They embody a testament to resilience and creativity, with 18% of the country standing as a canvas for exploration. Australia’s deserts transcend the simplistic narrative of sand and sun, revealing a rich tapestry that beckons exploration and appreciation for the diversity inherent in its topography.

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