Where Should I Position My Acrow Props?

Working in construction? Need to support masonry or load-bearing beams, or any other load that requires vertical support? Acrow props are the best choice – so here’s a guide on how you should be positioning your props for maximum safety and efficiency.

Where To Position Acrow Props?

Here are our top tips for positioning Acrow props for your project.

  • On a solid, stable surface with proper load-bearing capacity – One of the most important things to do when placing an Acrow prop is to make sure that the floor on which you’re positioning the prop can bear the load of the wall or support beam that you’re supporting. Make sure to consult with a structural engineer when working indoors to keep you and your workers safe, and to use the proper plates and support structures when working with Acrow props outdoors and on softer ground. Failure to do so can cause the Acrow prop to fail entirely.
  • As close to the wall as possible – There are several reasons that you want to position an Acrow prop as close to the wall as possible, when supporting brickwork or masonry. The primary reason is that you want to avoid the misuse of strongboys or timber needles. To provide their full working load bearing capacity, both strongboys and timber needles must penetrate through the masonry wall and its cavity completely.
    In other words, if your strongboy or timber needle does not fit through the entire cavity of the wall, and through the other load-bearing edge, its ability to support weight will be significantly reduced. Acrow props are also less likely to bend and deform when they’re placed closer to a wall in an upright position.
  • In a completely vertical, upright position – Acrow props must always be used for vertical support only. Even if a prop is just a few degrees off of true, its load bearing capacity can be reduced enormously. Simply put, Acrow props should never be used for any project in which they’re expected to be out-of-true, and not at a right angle. The risks posed by this are simply too high – so we recommend finding an alternative scaffolding solution, or finding an alternative solution that allows your props can be placed in a straight, vertical, upright position.
  • At a minimum of 1 Acrow prop per metre – This is just a rule of thumb, and it will depend on the weight of the masonry that is being supported, or the material of the support beam or other structure that the Acrow prop is supporting. However, we recommend a minimum of 1 Acrow prop per metre. Even if this exceeds the maximum necessary working load for your project, this helps ensure more even distribution of weight between each prop. This has several benefits.
    First, it reduces stress on each individual prop, making them less likely to fail. It also provides redundancy – when properly supported, the unlikely failure of one or even two Acrow props will not result in a dangerous situation, as the remaining props can still easily support the load.
    Finally, it spreads the weight more evenly onto the floor or ground, and the attached support plates. This ensures that there are no issues related to floor joists or supports being damaged by heavy weight and pressure, which is particularly important when working with Acrow props indoors.
  • At the lowest possible height – It’s never a good idea to use an Acrow prop at its most-extended height. In fact, you should always purchase or rent Acrow props that are as short as possible for your project. Shorter Acrow props have a higher load-bearing capacity, and can still be extended to provide plenty of flexibility. As a rule, you should always choose the shortest Acrow props for your project to avoid bending and deflection of the prop due to overextension.

However, even if you follow these tips, we cannot guarantee your safety. So, as always, use your best judgement and consult with a structural engineer before beginning any project that requires Acrow props.

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