Canberra Construction Industry Brings New Jobs

Out with the old, in with the new. A city that continually progresses and updates its infrastructure is bound to thrive more than one that falls behind; life moves quickly, and cities cannot allow themselves to fall short of the times. A key component of keeping up with the times is new or updated construction.

Canberra is continuously announcing new building plans for large projects, and it comes as no surprise to those with their fingers on the city’s pulse. Australia’s capital city has grown just over 10% in the last five years, which any construction industry professional knows spells new and updated buildings.

Canberra Construction

One such job is the demolition of one of Canberra’s “reserved-character” office buildings and imminent rebuilding of townhouses in its place. Between the demolition, clean up, and the actual creation of the new buildings, many jobs are bound to arise. Another major project that has produced a massive number of jobs is Canberra’s light rail construction. This project was initially estimated to produce 3560 jobs, but recent data indicates that the actual number exceeds that estimate by more than 1,000. These are just a few of the projects making headlines and producing jobs in Canberra.

With so much work bustling in the capital, we want businesses to be as educated as possible about the scaffolding systems and accessories available to them. The right system can not only keep workers safer, but also make a project much more efficient. Time is money, so anytime a job can be completed ahead of schedule is valuable for a business.

Canberra Scaffolding

Australian Scaffolds offer a large assortment of scaffold types and accompaniments. One such option businesses can utilise is a mobile scaffold. These scaffolding towers are incredibly easy to use, and can be set up in a snap without any tools required. With a safe working load of 225 kgs, a mobile scaffold is a fast option for jobs that can’t wait.

Additionally, we have edge protection systems and trestles for sale. These items can be used in conjunction with each other. Whether a business is in the market for a light-weight, economical trestle or a larger one with heavy duty rubber grips, we are certain to have an item that fits the bill.

Maybe a business simply needs to supply temporary support for a beam while permanent supports are repaired or added. For uses like these, Acrow props are an ideal tool, and we happen to carry a large stock of varied Acrow props.

Another consideration for businesses acquiring lots of new work is whether newly-hired employees are properly trained to install or maintain every type of scaffolding. This could also influence the appropriate scaffolding system for a given job, as a more technically advanced system might not be the right choice if most workers on a job site are relatively inexperienced or not licenced for certain systems. We offer many systems that do not require a licence for under 4 metres, and can always instruct businesses about which scaffold types those are.

New jobs are excellent news for businesses, but they do not come without their own considerations. We encourage businesses in Canberra and all over the nation enjoying the flourishing construction industry to investigate their best options in terms of both scaffolding systems, and every other aspect of their work to call Australian Scaffolds.

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