Tallowa Dam Project 1974.

Our scaffolding experience goes right back to 1974. Australian Scaffolds have been in the building and construction industry for generations. And like many industries, there have been significant changes during this time. Improvements in health safety have been dramatic and as a result, many lives saved. Other significant changes over time include; computer-aided design, aerated concrete, robotic equipment, drone technology, and communication. Improvements in building technology in design, engineering, and construction have completely changed building methodology. Today’s build times were unimaginable only 10 years ago. In the future will see 3D printed houses, transparent aluminium, self-healing concrete, robotic construction, smart bricks and many more.

However, despite the improvements somethings will never change. Builders and project managers still require more than ever, highly skilled and experienced contractors to get the job done on time, on budget and with minimal site disruption. Experienced contractors with innovative solutions that do not compromise on quality or safety is critical to meeting ever faster construction programs.

Tallowa Dam 1974

We are very proud of our family involvement in the building and construction industry in Australia. We have always overcome obstacles where others could not. In the early 1970s, Neil and George Butlin were contracted to make changes to the spillway to the under-construction Tallowa Dam. Developed by the Snowy Hydro Authority and built by Civil & Civic (later bought out by Lendlease). Other contractors were unable to create a safe and practical solution to access the steeply inclined spillway work face. Our solution involved floating a barge to the top of the dam wall. Lowering a lightweight aluminium modified scaffold onto two steel rail tracks. The scaffold moved up and down by an electric winch and powered by a diesel generator. To this day, 45 years later, the Snowy Hydro Authority and Lendlease are still active customers of Australian Scaffolds.

Windsor Bridge 2019

Australian Scaffolds designed the scaffolding to the new replacement bridge in Windsor, NSW, developed by the NSW Government and built by the Georgiou Group. Engineered and construction of a cantilevered scaffold built on land and moved onto a pier in the middle of the river by crane. Saving critical time to the construction program. Our Scaffold experience goes right back to 1974 and we know, no matter how fast or how many things change, somethings will always stay the same. When you need innovative solutions from a reliable experienced skilled contractor you can trust, call Australian Scaffolds on on 1300 919 905 or email info@australianscaffolds.com.au

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