How To Acrow Prop A Ceiling

Acrow props are a great option for vertical support, especially for supporting ceilings in the construction industry when you’re removing support beams, masonry, or any other material.

The proper number of Acrow props, when properly installed, can easily support even the heaviest loads and allow you to conduct repairs and make building improvements without risking your own safety, or the safety of your workers.

So, how can you use Acrow props to support a ceiling while removing load bearing beams or supports? Get the details from Australian Scaffolds below.

Supporting A Ceiling With An Acrow Prop – Our Top Tips

First things first, you should consult with a structural engineer to determine how many Acrow props you’ll need, and the proper size for your Acrow props. Failing to use the proper number of Acrow props can result in critical failure of the ceiling, and property damage, injuries, or even death.

You should place your Acrow props on a solid, flat surface that can handle the weight of the ceiling, to ensure that the load is distributed properly. You may also want to use sole boards or steel plates to distribute the load evenly. In addition, your Acrow props should be as vertical as possible – they are designed to handle compression, not shear loads from horizontal movement.

You must also ensure that the ceiling is stable and in good shape. You should check to ensure that it will not give way, collapse, or fail when it rests on Acrow prop, as this can be hazardous.

Make sure that the proper number of Acrow props are in place before you remove any structural supports, and keep an eye on your props while you remove the rest of the support structure, to make sure they are not moving, crooked, or otherwise compromised.

Check them regularly throughout your project, to ensure they are supporting the ceiling properly, and do not pose a risk to you, the property, or any other workers or personnel who are assisting with your project.

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