Is Edge Protection Mandatory?

Is Edge Protection Mandatory? if you have employees working on or around the edge of a roof, then edge protection must be in place. Australian Scaffolds recommends that rooftops add Roof Edge Protection to provide safety at height. This often consists of Guardrails and Handrails designed to prevent personnel from falling over the edge of a building and, in turn, prevent injury or death. While not all buildings can accommodate this solution, they are one of the safest and most cost-effective systems to have installed on your roof. So, consider Roof Edge Protection systems if you’re looking for an appropriate Working at Height solution.

This is a common question amongst those in the construction industry in New South Wales. The answer, however, is not always so clear. In Australia, Mandatory Edge protection has become a legal requirement because the number one cause of death on Australian construction sites is falling. The most severe and fatal accidents occur falling under 4m. Physical barriers such as temporary systems are the leading countermeasure for prohibiting accidents when working from heights. Australian Scaffolds have designed various Edge Protection systems that you can adapt to your necessity and to multiple applications that protect workers from falling from height.

When do I need to use Edge protection? 

The Work Health and Safety Regulations 2011 state that a person conducting a business or undertaking at a workplace must ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that falls by a person from one level to another are prevented’. However, the meaning of ‘reasonably practicable’ is often open to interpretation. A thorough risk assessment must be conducted to judge whether or not Edge Protection is reasonably practicable in any given situation; The Roof Edge Protection Fact Sheet is a document that guides businesses and workers who work on roofs about when and how they must use a temporary Edge Protection system.

This assessment should consider many factors, including the type of roof, the height of the fall, the nature of the work being undertaken, and the availability of suitable edge protection systems. Only after a comprehensive evaluation of all these factors can a decision be made about whether or not edge protection is reasonably practicable. In many cases, it will be; however, there will be some instances where it is not. Ultimately, it is up to the person conducting the business or undertaking to make this judgement, and they will be held accountable if an accident does occur.

Safe Working Practice with Edge Protection Systems

  • Once the system has been erected and accepted as a safety barrier, the users are responsible for using it to minimise risk to themselves and others.
  • Your employer must ensure you have sufficient knowledge or experience to do
  • Do not lean any working materials on the Guard Rail or use them for any sort of
  • Any building debris and waste material should be progressively removed.
  • Debris generated during use has to be confined within the working platform.
  • Working debris must not be allowed to fall from the working area. Use chutes for debris or lower materials/debris by
  • Electrical leads or equipment used erecting the Roof Edge Protection system must be tagged with a recent date inspection
  • Where the Roof Edge Protection is near power lines, The handling of reinforcing steel rods and other long metal items should be carried in a manner of minimum distance of 4 metres from the power
  • Roof Edge Protection is made from steel and is electrically conductive. Any faulty electrical equipment used could result in a fatal injury.

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