Do you know about our Lifetime Guarantee?

Australian Scaffolds are an innovative Australian owned family company that believes that every worker deserves the right to return home safely each and every day.

Our range of Butlins Maxi products is designed and engineered in our Sydney office by a team of passionate engineers that creates great products that reduce the chance of death and injury by better design. We believe Butlins Maxi Products are not only the safest but also the best quality and therefore have a lifetime guarantee. Lifetime guarantee applies only to Butlin Maxi Products.


  • Butlin Maxi Access Stairs
  • Butlin Maxi Acrow Props
  • Butlin Maxi Edge Protection
  • Butlin Maxi Ladders
  • Butlin Maxi Mobile Scaffold
  • Butlin Maxi Stillages


For more information on any of these products please call 1300 919 905 or visit australianscaffolds.com.au