Scaffold Hire in Chatswood

Sector Leisure
Location Chatswood, NSW
Client BE Productions

In 2022, BE Productions contracted Australian Scaffolds to build a weatherproof camera tower for the Chatswood Cultural Bites. Chatswood Cultural Bites is a two week-long event held at The Concourse – the cultural heart of the North Shore – and Chatswood CBD. Culture Bites presents a feast of theatre, music, art and children’s shows. Tuck into mesmerising symphonies, aerial acrobatics, poignant drama, hilarious circus capers and interactive light art installations. In its inaugural year, the program boasts many activities and events, including many free activities, exhibitions and live music performances.

Chatswood is where people of all ages and backgrounds converge to create something unique. The 2022 Culture Bites program showcases the vision for Chatswood and beyond – an innovative, quality, accessible culture that’s inspiring and lots of fun.

Scaffold Camera Towers

Scaffold camera towers come in any height up to 10m and various widths, shapes and lengths, with or without weather protection panels. They can also be used for spot operators and equipment. Camera platforms are used for the camera crew to film video shots. Weather-protected camera towers are ideal when expensive equipment needs to be protected from the elements. The Australian Scaffolds team can offer many configurations with maximum stability and strength.

Need Scaffold Hire in Chatswood?

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