Scaffolding stairs

Used by the public (as opposed to construction workers) and must comply with the Building Code of Australia. Australian Scaffolds recently completed a project for a builder that required scaffolding stairs for entry into an existing apartment building. The building contractor did not realize that temporary stairs had to comply with the BCA until 2 days before opening. Within 24 hours of contacting us, Australian Scaffolds had visited the site, created a scope of work and developed a design for two Public Access Stairs.

This Public Access Stair installation was more challenging than most due to the tight site boundary constraints, and steeply sloping ground. Installation of the temporary stairs was on time and budget, ensuring another happy Australian Scaffolds customer.

Scaffold Stair Performance Requirements


Access must be provided, to the degree necessary, to enable-

(a) safe; and

(b) equitable and dignified, movement of people to and within a building.

The Public Access Stairs complied with The Building Code of Australia part Stair Construction and Riser and Going Dimension.

Despite the challenging conditions, Australian Scaffolds were still able to install the public access stairs within 1 shift.

Another example of how Australian Scaffolds can aid your project, and help you to work SAFER, SMARTER, FASTER.

For more information on scaffolding stairs or ramps contact daniel.butlin@AustralianScaffolds.com.au or ring 1300 919 905. For technical information on Australian Standards please click on www.abcb.gov.au/Resources/Publications/Education-Training/Temporary-Structures

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