What do guardrails mean?

For any builder, the terms guardrails and “scaffolding” can be somewhat confusing if you don’t know what they mean. Guardrails are an integral part of scaffolding and play a crucial role in ensuring safety during construction. In this blog post, we’ll explore the following:

  • What are guardrails?
  • Why are guard rails necessary?
  • What is the function of a guardrail?
  • How do guard rails help in edge protection?

Please keep reading to understand more about guardrails and why their implementation should never be overlooked:

What are guardrails?

What do guardrails mean? Guardrails refer to vertical posts or horizontal railings that are a part of scaffolding systems, providing stability and safety. Essentially, they serve as protective barriers, helping ensure workers stay within designated construction zones.

To meet regulations in different locations, guardrails must be designed and installed according to the National Code of Practice for the Prevention of falls in general construction. Australian Scaffolds always follow these National Standards in any process we do in our Company. With guardrails, those who work on scaffolding can rest assured that the environment is safe and secure for their activities and reduce or eliminate the risk of falls.

Why are guardrails necessary?

Guardrails are an essential component of scaffolding as they provide a physical barrier within the structure that is used to protect workers on elevated worksites or a roof. It refers to the horizontal or vertical rails made from steel, wood or other strong material that prevent anyone standing near the roof’s edge from accidentally slipping and falling.

What is the function of a guardrail?

Guardrails are an essential component of any scaffolding structure. They provide a physical barrier preventing workers from slipping and falling off the scaffolding, thereby preventing injury or worse. Australian Scaffolds offers a complete range of Edge Protection Systems  & access equipment for sale & hire. As a result, our focus is on providing safe height access solutions with outstanding customer service

Guardrails also increase stability in some formworks by providing workers with a flat surface to lean against when manoeuvring open-sided sites. In addition, guardrails can direct workers away from certain areas and reduce the risk of equipment affecting nearby personnel.

How do guardrails help in edge protection?

Guard rails are crucial components of scaffolding systems and provide essential edge protection for workers. They are an integral part of most access scaffolding forms, and you can use them indoors and outdoors. Guardrails provide stability for the user and help prevent them from accidentally falling off. In addition to this, guard rails can be used as barriers between different working areas,

Guardrails also act as a visual cue that reminds scaffolders of the edge of their platform. Additionally, guardrails absorb some of the impacts if someone should accidentally fall onto them, which helps to reduce the severity of injuries sustained in such an accident. In short, guardrails protect against potentially catastrophic accidents when you work on elevated worksites or a roof.

Guardrails are an essential part of scaffolding because they provide a sense of safety for workers. They also keep the scaffold from tipping over, especially when working with heavy equipment or materials. We have various guardrail options to choose from if you’re looking for an edge protection system to keep your team safe and your scaffold stable. Contact us today to learn more about our guardrails and how they can benefit your next construction project. We certainly have the experience, knowledge, and technical backup to help our customers “Work Safer – Faster – Smarter”. You can find on our website a complete variety of Edge protection systems, scaffold accessories, acrow props, edge protection, frame scaffold, kwikstage scaffold, ladders, Layher scaffolds, mobile scaffolds, planks, rubbish chutes, scaffold tubes, tools, stair access, trestles, tube fittings for sale.


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