Affordable Roofing in NSW

Many decades of experience have contributed to the growing number of loyal clients who choose Affordable Roofing and Guttering. Having worked with Body Corporate and Strata companies in New South Wales since 1986. The large team of administration and tradesmen fully understand the steps which must be undertaken to have work completed. Able to supply photographic evidence of repairs needed and a photo of the completed works. Proud members of Strata Community Australia and a Trades Monitor Accredited Contractor. Our workmanship is guaranteed for 24 months, add to that the manufacturer’s 10–20-year guarantee on materials, and you can’t go wrong!

Why you should focus on roof and guttering maintenance

Affordable Roofing in Raby, NSW, owned and operated by Rod, is one of Sydney’s leading roofing maintenance companies. Beginning his career as a plumber in 1986, Rod quickly realised that roofing was his true calling. As a result, Rod dedicated himself to becoming the most successful roofing and repair company in Australia. Affordable Roofing is now known for its reliable and quality-focused services, making them a trusted name across Australia.
Roofing and guttering on a building – be it an apartment block, house, hospital, or office unit is an extremely important structure. A leaking roof will, over time, destroy every part of a building. Protecting your investment’s longevity with a good roof is important. Affordable Roofing and Guttering conducts any type of roof and guttering work. Get in touch today on (02) 9824 7553 or email enquiries@affordableroofing.com.au to find out what they can do for you.

This privately owned Australian Company specialises in roofing, maintenance, and guttering Installation. With over 30 years of experience as a plumber and roofing specialist, Rod set himself a goal to strive and become the largest roof maintenance company in Sydney – a challenge he successfully met! 

Roof Edge Protection by Australian Scaffolds

To help improve their clients’ safety, Rod uses Butlin Edge Protection purchased from Australian Scaffolds. Australian Scaffolds was the perfect choice to ensure optimal quality and safety for Roof Edge Protection for Affordable Roofing. The Edge Protection Packages are quick and easy to protect workers from an exposed edge. If you need a reliable and affordable roof edge protection service, contact Australian Scaffolds on 1300 919 905. Or similarly, visit our store and check out the great range of Butlin Products, including Acrow Props, Edge Protection Equipment, Mobile Scaffolds, Aluminium Ladders and Trestles.

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