Scaffold Hire in Sydney

Client: Building Durability
Location: 20 Hunter Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Sector: Commercial
Completion: 2020

Sydney’s first streets just followed paths long used by local Aboriginal peoples. Others cut through the bush by chain gangs or followed goat and bullock tracks. When Lachlan Macquarie, who had a great interest in town planning, arrived in the colony in 1810, he gave early attention to the state of the roads, ordering alignments, reformings, widenings and the demolition of encroaching buildings. He also tried to stop names from being duplicated – often on streets quite close to each other. Most of the main thoroughfares kept their original names, including Hunter Street. The street was originally named Bell Street. It is named after Governor Hunter, the second Governor of New South Wales

Working at Heights

In 2020, Building Durability contracted Australian Scaffolds to build scaffolding 30 stories above busy Hunter Street. Working at heights is an integral part of work for most building and construction industry workers. Australian Scaffolds understands that it is our job to deliver a riskfree work environment so others can do their job safely and effectively. Building scaffolds hanging off ledges above busy streets poses high-risk challenges. However, despite the height and risk Australian Scaffolds can build safely using engineered scaffolding that eliminates the risks.

Our Guarantees 

  • Provide after-sales service
  • Treat all customers with respect 
  • Stand behind the quality of our products
  • Formulate solutions to any work-related problem
  • Provide solutions that will increase our customer’s profitability

Need Scaffold Hire in Sydney?

Australian Scaffolds is available day and night, seven days a week. Our expert team of qualified Scaffolders has decades of experience. We strive to make complex- simple. To find out more call 1300 919 905. Or email Daniel Butlin at daniel.butlin@australianscaffolds.com.au

Service Areas Include:

  • Greater Sydney
  • Sydney CBD
  • Blue Mountains
  • Eastern Suburbs
  • Greater Western Sydney
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  • South Western Sydney
  • Western Sydney
  • South Eastern Sydney
  • Southern Sydney
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