Rubbish Chute Scaffold

Client: Affordable Roofing
Location: Neutral Bay
Sector: Residential
Completion: 2019

Designed to discharge rubbish from big or small areas, from new construction or renovation sites, indoor or outdoor. Rubbish chutes transport all kinds of materials from the upper levels downwards to a skip bin or truck – silently and without any dust formation. Therefore, you stack several chutes made from resistant plastic and assemble them on scaffolds, inclined roofs or flat roofs, walls, or window parapets at the desired height.

  • Chute Sections at 1.0m length
  • Top Hoppers
  • Side Entry Hoppers for use throughout multiple levels
  • Fixing Frames to ensure safe and secure mounting of the Chute to a Scaffold Structure

Rubbish Chutes Operating & Assembly

Purpose of Equipment

Rubbish Chute systems are intended for the guidance of falling material within the specifications of the equipment as described below. Rubbish Chute systems are not intended for the guidance of humans or animals, or the movement of hazardous or toxic materials. Rubbish Chutes are intended for vertical use.

Safety Warnings

• Read and understand these instructions first before setting up or operating this equipment
• Keep these instructions accessible near the Rubbish Chutes.
• Before beginning work, one should become familiar with the working environment.
• No changes, additions or modifications may be made to the Rubbish Chutes or associated equipment.
• Do not modify, remove, bypass or override the safety devices.
• Do not use this Rubbish Chute system if there is any damage or unusual performance. Isolate the Rubbish Chute system as described in Chapter 7.1 Emergency Shutdown.
• Rubbish Chutes must be secured to a structure capable of withstanding the forces described in Chapter 3
• Do not operate the Rubbish Chute system if there is a risk of people being endangered by the load or the effects of using the Rubbish Chute system. Have the area around the bottom of the Rubbish Chute system barricaded off and post warning notices.
• Observe National Plant Regulations and Occupational Health and Safety Regulations.

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