Reasons to use construction rubbish chutes

Working in construction on multi-story buildings can lead to logistical issues regarding the disposal of construction waste. It is essential to minimise risk, for both safety and efficiency reasons, to consider using construction rubbish chutes.

Advantages of using a construction rubbish chute

The most significant advantage of using a construction rubbish chute is efficiency. Sending all your construction waste down an enclosed chute saves you time. For example, without a chute, your workers would either have to throw or lower debris out windows or secure it and then cart it down elevators or stairs. In either case, it would add time to the job.

What is a construction rubbish chute?

Construction rubbish chutes dispose of construction waste materials in a multistorey building, particularly during construction or demolition. Construction rubbish chutes attach to scaffolding on the outside of the building. Once installed, construction waste is placed in the hopper located at each level. The debris falls down the chutes onto the ground or into a skip bin.

rubbish chute enables the safe and efficient transfer of construction waste from a building to a skip bin on the ground.

The concept is simple: several cylindrical sections are joined using chains suspended outside a building or scaffolding. The reinforced plastic cylinders and steel inner linings are tapered and fit together at effective lengths of 1-metre.

Construction rubbish chutes are a significant part of any building project and should be installed in a safe, accessible location so workers can easily access them.

Using construction chutes effectively manages rubbish removal by reducing cost, noise pollution, time and safety.

  • Cost – rubbish chutes cost less than requiring skip bins on each level or paying for labour to walk downstairs.
  • Noise Pollution – rubbish chutes generate far less noise than a crane.
  • Time – construction rubbish chutes are faster than waiting on a crane or walking downstairs
  • Safety – reduce manual handling injuries by not carrying waste downstairs or ladders.

In addition to providing a safe way to dispose of debris from the site, construction chutes also help keep building sites clean and tidy, creating a safe workplace.

Our primary users of chutes are

  • Demolition contractors
  • Roofing companies
  • Renovation companies
  • Waterproofing companies
  • General construction
  • Fit-out and refurbishment companies

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