Scaffold Hire in Vaucluse 

Client: AFL Services
Location: Vaucluse, NSW 2030
Sector: Government Commercial
Completion: 2019

Scaffolding Hire in Vaucluse was required to renovate the top portion of the Macquarie Lighthouse. Located along the scenic Federation Cliff Walk at Vaucluse, Macquarie Lighthouse is a navigational light source with a storied history spanning more than 200 years. Following the end of the Napoleonic Wars in 1815, the burgeoning colony of New South Wales experienced an influx of convicts and increased shipping activity. Consequently, work commenced on a series of building projects in Sydney. This included Macquarie Lighthouse.

Lighthouse Scaffolding

In 2019, AFL Services contracted Australian Scaffolds to build scaffolding at the top of the historic Macquarie Lighthouse. Access was difficult as the internal stairs could not be used to transport the equipment to the top. Instead the Australian Scaffolds team led by Joshua Savage used a rope and pulley system to haul the scaffold 26 metres to the top. Australian Scaffold’s use of an engineered lightweight scaffolding system sure made a difficult job easier. The scaffolding was required for remedial that took 5 weeks to complete. 

However, despite the careful design work, the practical base-out requirements on site had to address some unexpected obstacles. These problems were solved quickly by the combination of skilful work by the Australian Scaffold team and the versatility of their Layher Allround equipment. The result is a safe, worker and public-friendly spectacular project on Sydney Harbour.


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