Do Annual Appraisals Work?

Have you started a job only to find that you do not get feedback from your employer for six or more months? So, do Annual appraisals really work?

When you were hired, did your employer sit down with you and explain your job role and the job expectations thoroughly to you? Have you completed a critical project without feedback on the process or outcome? Feedback is a crucial part of your job, and many organisations today are not providing it at a level that can help you be as efficient and effective as possible.

Additionally, the world is becoming more digital every day, and most organisations can forget that their employees are social beings and not machines. Team members must be heard, appreciated, and given frequent feedback, including annual appraisals.

At Australian Scaffolds, we do not believe in traditional performance management techniques. As a supervisor, how much do you remember of the work performed by a team member at the end of the quarter/project/year? How effective will it be when you provide feedback to ensure you fill out an employee evaluation form?

Do Annual Appraisals Work?

Probably not very effective at all. Therefore, our team at Australian Scaffolds has implemented a new way of overcoming this weakness in traditional Performance Management. Under the new program, all team members will be evaluated weekly via a Tick & Flick document we created.

Every week, each supervisor will take just 5 to 10 minutes to focus on an employee’s core activities for that week. This evaluation provides instant and constant feedback to the team members to help them understand where they are excelling and where they possibly need some improvement.

We have implemented this program after five years of research, many employee feedback sessions and expert Human Resources experience. We understand that this is a trial program, and with our employee’s input, we will continuously develop and improve it.

Australian Scaffolds CEO Scott Butlin and Human Resources Manager Sandy Pemasinghe also work on including the company’s shared values in the performance evaluation. This will be a challenge with many subjective criteria and deciding how to implement the best measuring techniques.

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