How Long Before Removing Acrow Props?

Removing Acrow Props

How Long Should I Wait Before Removing Acrow Props? Acrow props are a powerful way to hold up large, static vertical loads. They’re perfect to support a large timber cross beam during construction, for example, or to hold up a masonry wall for repairs.

But when it comes to how long you should wait before removing Acrow props, you may have some questions. When is it safe to remove the prop? How should it be done? What precautions should you take? In this quick blog post, the team at Australian Scaffolds will help you understand all of the basics.

When Should Acrow Props Be Removed?

No matter what kind of work you’re using an Acrow prop for, you should wait until the supporting structure can hold its weight on its own – or there is another brace or support in place.

If you’re supporting a large timber cross-beam and replace the attached vertical support columns, for example, you can remove the Acrow prop once the new support structures have been securely bolted, nailed, or otherwise secured quickly in place. The prop should never be removed until the structure is completely sound. The same is true of a load-bearing wall – the acrow props should only be removed once new supports have been placed, and the lintel is completely supported and will not shift.

When it comes to masonry, the rule of thumb is to wait at least 24 hours before removing Acrow props that are supporting masonry, whether it’s with timber needles or Strongboys. You need to wait for the mortar to settle and dry completely.

However, this may be different based on the mortar and materials you’ve used for your project. So, again, the best advice we can give you is to never remove your Acrow props until you are certain that the wall or other piece of masonry is completely structurally sound. You may want to consult a structural engineer or masonry professional before you remove your Acrow props.

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