Scaffold Hoarding Newcastle NSW

Australian Scaffolds, a leading company in the Scaffolding Industry, has revolutionised construction projects across Australia with its innovative approach. In 2018,  Australian Scaffolds installed a facade scaffold with Type A hoarding in Newcastle, NSW, for our valued client Infrastructure (NSW) Pty Ltd.

The Scaffold Hoarding was attached to a facade scaffold and used to create a protected work zone. The facade scaffold was 20m long x 10m high and included 2m high stairs, with a beige shade cloth sheeting to the exterior.

Furthermore, the project was completed in 1 day. Using the scaffold wall cassettes attached to the scaffold decreases installation time by up to 80%. The scaffold hoarding system utilises lockable steel doors that simplify site security.

Types of Scaffold Hoarding 

A: Hoarding generally consists of a 2m high ply-sheet fence attached to a supporting timber or steel frame.

B: It is a more substantial structure that spans a footpath or roadway and affords public overhead protection.

C: Hoardings with overhead sheds or storage.

Scaffolds placed on public land require council permits.

Benefits of Scaffold Hoarding 

  1. Safety: Scaffold hoarding from us ensures secure construction sites, especially protecting workers and the public from hazards. For example, It acts as a barrier to dust, noise, and debris, creating a safer environment.
  2. Aesthetics and Branding: Our hoarding systems can also be customised with eye-catching designs and logos, enhancing the visual appeal of construction projects. Additionally, we offer a branding opportunity and leave a lasting impression on passersby.
  3. Compliance: at Australian Scaffolds, we offer solutions that comply with industry regulations, providing peace of mind to clients. As a result, our systems meet safety and structural criteria, ensuring legal compliance.
  4. Flexibility: We offer a range of customisable hoarding solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of each construction project.

Scaffold hoarding by Australian Scaffolds combines safety, aesthetics, and compliance, revolutionizing construction projects.

Additionally, our innovative solutions create secure and attractive spaces that leave a positive impact. Australian Scaffolds is shaping the future of the construction industry, one hoarding system at a time.

Our Guarantees

  • Provide after-sales service
  • Treat all customers with respect
  • Stand behind the quality of our products
  • Formulate solutions to any work-related problem

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