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Scaffold Hire in North Rocks is an essential service for construction and renovation projects in this bustling suburb of Greater Western Sydney. Australian Scaffolds, a trusted name in the industry, recently demonstrated their commitment to safety and efficiency with a remarkable project at North Rocks Shopping Centre.

Performance Requirements

In response to the Performance Requirements, specifically DP1 of the Building Code of Australia, the team at Australian Scaffolds sprang into action. Their goal was to provide safe, equitable, and dignified access for people to move within the building, a requirement that they take very seriously.

Josh Savage, leading the service team, highlighted the importance of complying with Australian Standards, especially when it comes to stair construction. He praised Layher’s Allround Scaffolding system for its unique features, such as correctly sized boards that meet the riser and going dimension requirements. This compliance ensures the safety of all users and satisfies the strict regulations set by the Building Code of Australia.


Access must be provided, to the degree necessary, to enable-

(a) safe; and

(b) equitable and dignified, movement of people to and within a building.

Additionally, the Public Access Stairs complied with The Building Code of Australia part Stair Construction and Riser and Going Dimension. Josh Savage commented, “Using Layher Allround makes it easy to comply with Australian Standards because as far as I know only Layher Scaffold has the correct height and length boards that comply with the riser and going dimension”.

Scaffold Hire North Rocks

Moreover, Australian Scaffolds’ collaboration with Layher proved even more beneficial. Layher’s stair options are seamlessly integrated with the Allround Scaffolding system, making it incredibly convenient to extend access capabilities. Whether you need public access stairways, aluminum platform stairs, or stretcher stairs, Layher Scaffolding has the perfect solution to meet your specific access requirements. This integration enhances workflow and maximizes efficiency on construction projects in North Rocks.

With Australian Scaffolds and Layher Scaffolding working hand in hand, you can trust in their guarantees of top-notch service, safety, and compliance with all relevant standards. They are your go-to partners for scaffold hire in North Rocks, ensuring that your projects proceed smoothly, efficiently, and safely. So, when you’re planning your next construction or renovation project in North Rocks, remember that Australian Scaffolds and Layher Scaffolding have you covered for all your scaffold hire needs.

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